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1. Dare to innovate

Daring to innovate is the primary feature of guangheng enterprise, that is, daring to venture, dare to try, dare to think and dare to do.

2. Stick to integrity

Sticking to integrity is the core feature of guangheng enterprise.

3. Take the lead in environmental protection

Guangheng group strictly abides by national and local environmental protection requirements and undertakes its due responsibilities for the ecological environment.

4. Care for employees

Guangheng regards employees as the core capital of the enterprise, and the development achievements first benefit employees, so that employees can improve their skills, raise their wages and increase their happiness index. Guangheng invests millions of yuan in employee training every year. Guangheng requires all grass-roots companies to set up their own staff canteens and provide employees with three meals a day free of charge. Guangheng implements the excellent employee vacation system. The excellent employees of the group selected every year will be reimbursed for two round-trip air tickets and stay in hotels everywhere for vacation free.

5. Focus on charity

With a grateful heart, one side has difficulties and all sides support.

Guangheng group also advocates the concept of everyone's public welfare. All employees of the group become volunteers, and each person does volunteers at least once a year.

6. Do your best

Guangheng has a great vision, has high requirements for work standards, and pursues "making all work excellent".

7. Strong execution

Strong execution is a prominent feature of guangheng corporate culture.

8. Carry forward tradition

In 2018, the group recommended learning the Analects of Confucius, and the whole group carried out one-year study, discussion and speech. Guangheng has repeatedly hired famous etiquette experts to talk about civilized etiquette in enterprises and improve the comprehensive quality of employees.